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Frequently Asked Questions

We process admissions to different countries (please see our list of partner schools).

No. You can only use one personal statement to apply for one course or the same course in different schools.

Yes. You’re entitled to 5 school applications in any country of choice when you use our application service.

No. You can only apply for a postgraduate diploma or certificate program. It is stated that candidates with a Bachelor’s degree are over qualified for an undergraduate diploma program.

Yes. We partner with schools that accept 3rd class and HND. Also, with a good portfolio and a strong personal statement you can study abroad with your class of degree.

Depending on when the application is finally submitted, it takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks for UK others while it takes minimum of 8 weeks for US and Canada.

Yes. We fund existing bank accounts. However, funds can be provided for new accounts at a lesser rate.

 Yes. We handle scholarship applications and funding for schools in the United States and Canada.

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